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FLEXCO Segmented Transfer Plate Introduction - 5475
Viewed 48 time(s) since Nov 8, 2018
Dodge Food Safe Bearings IP69 Rated - 5801
Viewed 281 time(s) since May 15, 2019
Quickly becoming the standard for washdown environments, products rated for IP69 (for water) are protected against high temperature, high pressure spray at close proximity. Although industry guidelines recommend limiting cleaning pressures to 200 psi... Read More
BDI and Dodge Partner to Save Wasterwater Plant Thousands of Dollars - 349
Viewed 1224 time(s) since Dec 4, 2014
A 27-year-old waste water treatment plant was having problems with reducers that power rotating biological contactors in its filtration process. Chronic leakage and premature gearbox failure were among the issues occurring in the plant’s harsh ... Read More
BDI Teams With Cooper Split Bearings to Deliver Extended Fan Life - 334
Viewed 516 time(s) since Jan 22, 2006
Plants with high heat furnace operations use cooling blowers to moderate the temperature. These cooling fans require regular bearing maintenance and replacement. Installing Cooper Split bearings in these cooling fans reduces both maintenance and down... Read More
BDI Creates an Application-Specific Pillow Block - 331
Viewed 682 time(s) since Dec 4, 2014
A Northeast Ohio steel mill was using standard cast-iron-housed pillow block bearings on its run-out table. The over spray from an external water bath installed to cool the bearing housing left water spots on the finished product.  The attachment des... Read More
Incorrect Bearing Replacement Type Can Cause Premature Failure - 274
Viewed 413 time(s) since Nov 10, 2014
When roller crusher bearings are failing on a regular basis, use of the wrong replacement type could be the culprit.Roller crushers are regularly subject to harsh conditions. Heavy loads, along with abrasive dirt and extreme weather, can take a toll ... Read More
BDI Pulls Chicken Farm Out of a Messy Situation - 155
Viewed 753 time(s) since Oct 13, 2014
A chicken processing plant conveyor was continuously exposed to high-pressure wash down, which compromised the conveyor bearings. See the attachment below for details. Read More
Food Production Line Was Down Constantly - 5207
Viewed 211 time(s) since Aug 15, 2018
Customer was experiencing ball bearing failures every 4 – 6 weeks on their production conveyor line. Regular high pressure wash-downs led to corrosion, seal damage and grease wash-out, resulting in regular maintenance and production downtime. NSK rev... Read More
Special Heating Equipment for Extra Large Workpieces - 5311
Viewed 483 time(s) since Sep 17, 2018
The exhaust gas fan failed in the processing facility of a chemical plant. The plant operator was forced to replace the rolling bearing quickly due to the toxic gases and the resulting explosive atmosphere that occurred in the chemical production pro... Read More
Saving Time and Costs by Having a Bearing Replaced by an Expert - 5310
Viewed 424 time(s) since Sep 17, 2018
At the Jamshedpur plant, the company has three converters. All of them had to be modernised. During the overhauling of converter 2 also its volume inside its brick lining should be increased to 153 m3, increasing its output from 140 to 170 tons of li... Read More
Reliable Diagnosis of Damage in Vibrating Screens - 5309
Viewed 398 time(s) since Sep 17, 2018
Vibrating screens are central to the production process. Any unplanned stoppage of this equipment, and the associated loss of production, incurs considerable costs for the operator. In order to increase the availability of its own vibrating screens a... Read More
Professional Bearing Mounting on an Ocean Liner - 5307
Viewed 410 time(s) since Sep 17, 2018
After 15 years on the high seas, it was time for the cruise ship, „Voyager of the Seas“, to undergo a general overhaul in the dry dock. This was carried out in the dry dock in Singapore. Several thousand employees and mounting personnel were simultan... Read More
Professional Bearing Mounting in Tube Mill - 5306
Viewed 388 time(s) since Sep 17, 2018
The customer purchased a used tube mill which was delivered in single pieces. The delivery contained – amongst others – four new FAG spherical roller bearings with an outer diameter of more than 1,5 meters. The mounting of such bearings is very compl... Read More
Mounting Service at a Wire Mill Reduces Downtime Costs - 5305
Viewed 369 time(s) since Sep 17, 2018
When the customer called Schaeffler, the company had an unplanned shutdown of its wire mill due to damaged bearings. These bearings had been mounted by the customer’s staff just two weeks before. By comparison, the original bearings being insta... Read More
Modernization of Four-high Heavy-plate Mill Back-up Rolls - 5304
Viewed 351 time(s) since Sep 17, 2018
At the beginning of 2012, SMS group GmbH received an order from the high performance alloy company VDM Metals GmbH, which produces plates and sheets in Siegen, Germany. The intention was to replace the old plate mill from 1954 with a modern version c... Read More
Modal Analysis Helps to Increase Speed of Stretch Reducing Mill - 5303
Viewed 349 time(s) since Sep 17, 2018
The customer had invested about 80 million euro in its production process with the objective to install a new pipe reduction gear on its main reduction stand. However, for unknown reasons he was unable to increase the machine speed beyond 80 percent ... Read More
Greater Production Reliability on Oil Platforms - 5301
Viewed 369 time(s) since Sep 17, 2018
Bearing damage and gear failures in the propulsion of an oil platform are extreme costly as oil production may have to be stopped completely for the repair work. For this reason it was of great importance for the customer to increase the operational ... Read More
FAG ProCheck Increased Availability of Stretch Reducing Mill - 5300
Viewed 366 time(s) since Sep 17, 2018
Thanks to a service contract with Schaeffler based on offline vibration analysis some chronic damage had been detected in the tandem motor bearings of the customer‘s hot strip mill. Schaeffler had determined that these damages were caused by cu... Read More
Efficient Large-Size Bearing Mounting Using Medium-Frequency Heating - 5299
Viewed 396 time(s) since Sep 17, 2018
The customer had to replace the existing starboard reel bearing, which highlighted a static fault during a condition monitoring test. Based on the test result, Subsea 7 elected to change the starboard bearing, which also gave the opportunity to exami... Read More
Cost Reduction through Condition-based Maintenance - 5298
Viewed 394 time(s) since Sep 17, 2018
Due to the high technical requirements of a paper plant ICT wanted to introduce condition-based maintenance on its Spanish site. Thus, the company was looking for a partner who could fulfill this demanding task. This partner was supposed to offer mai... Read More
Coated Rolling Elements to avoid Slippage Damage in Calender Bearings - 5294
Viewed 372 time(s) since Sep 17, 2018
The calender consists of two pairs of rolls that are arranged one behind the other. In the top roll position, a combination of low loads of the spherical roller bearings and insufficient lubrication can cause damage to the raceways. The risk of beari... Read More
Advanced Bearing Solutions-Steel & Non-Ferrous Metals - 5293
Viewed 320 time(s) since Sep 17, 2018
Tata Steel Port Talbot has two BOS steelmaking vessels (V1 & V2) in operation. The main trunnion bearings on a BOS (Basic Oxygen Steelmaking) plant at Tata Steel Port Talbot had to be replaced due to a sudden bearing failure on the nondrive side ... Read More
Advanced Bearing Solutions-Mineral Extraction and Processing - 5292
Viewed 294 time(s) since Sep 17, 2018
At Pilbara Iron’s Dampier Port Operations replacing the bearings on the bucket wheel excavator drive was a maintenance nightmare. The standard unsplit FAG SGC Pillow Block housing was difficult to access. Normally it would have taken 72 hours t... Read More
Training at a Gas Plant Saves Thousands - 5208
Viewed 287 time(s) since Aug 15, 2018
An international petrochemical products manufacturer wanted to expand the knowledge of their engineering team on rolling element bearings specific to the refinery. NSK was consulted and after a review of the plant designed customized training course,... Read More
Sugar Producer Enjoys Extended Bearing Life with simalube - 5156
Viewed 300 time(s) since Jul 31, 2018
Since installing simalube into their machinery, a sugar producer has not needed to replace any bearings for 2 years.This article is only available in English. Read More
Meyn Deboning Machines Causing Multiple High Costing Problems - 5120
Viewed 302 time(s) since Jul 31, 2018
Multiple bearing failure on a deboning machine can cost customers thousands of dollars to replace.Timken - EDT has an ideal solution to avoid these costs.This article is available in English Only. Read More
Wolverine Oven Bearings Downtime Costing Hundreds - 5118
Viewed 314 time(s) since Jul 31, 2018
Ball bearings supporting oven rollers required change-out every 3 months. A typical change-out also required repairing 12 journals at a cost of $150 each.Timken - EDT has a solution that will save $4,346.38 per roller. This article is available in En... Read More
Cooling Tunnel in Meat Plants Are Hard To Maintain - 5117
Viewed 304 time(s) since Jul 31, 2018
Cooling tunnels in meat plants have wet environment demands, including bearing replacement at least once a year. This is difficult and time consuming, often requiring an outside contractor with a crane for a couple of days.Timken - EDT has a solution... Read More
Mounted Ball Bearing Removal Solution from SealMaster - 2611
Viewed 559 time(s) since Mar 31, 2017
Time Saving Mounted Ball Bearing Removal Solution from SealMaster Read More
Installing a bearing using simatool’s bearing handling tool - 3002
Viewed 431 time(s) since Nov 21, 2017
Bearing handling tool. Read More
Maintenance-Free Cam Followers From IKO - 2726
Viewed 692 time(s) since Jun 16, 2017
An Overview of Maintenance-Free Cam Followers from IKO Read More
Proper Bearing Alignment of Rexnord Bearings - 2481
Viewed 407 time(s) since May 18, 2017
How to properly align Rexnord Bearings. Read More
Klean Gard Bearings - The Food and Beverage Solution - 2479
Viewed 388 time(s) since Mar 23, 2017
Klean Gard Bearings - The Solution for the Food and Beverage Industry Read More
How to Replace a Ball Bearing Insert - 2476
Viewed 404 time(s) since Mar 23, 2017
How to Replace a Ball Bearing Insert Read More
How to Load Ball Bearings into an Inch Series Ball Nut - 2537
Viewed 480 time(s) since Dec 19, 2017
How to Load Ball Bearings into an Inch Series Ball Nut Read More
Snack Food Plant Cuts Grease for a Healthier Operation - 2585
Viewed 445 time(s) since Nov 21, 2017
A snack food manufacturer was exploring cost-saving ideas. They teamed up with SKF to put a trial in place.Using extreme temperature bearings resulted in cost savings of over $24,000 annually. See the attachment below for details. Read More
Sealmaster Saves You Time! - 2970
Viewed 426 time(s) since Nov 21, 2017
Sealmaster Bearings Read More
Rexnord Power Transmission Solutions for Mining Applications Overview - 2490
Viewed 381 time(s) since Dec 1, 2017
Rexnord Power Transmission Solutions for Mining Applications Overview. Read More
Rexnord Power Transmission Products Solutions for Cement Processing - 2489
Viewed 417 time(s) since Mar 23, 2017
Rexnord Power Transmission Products Solutions for Cement Processing Read More
Rexnord Duralon Composite Bearings - 2485
Viewed 320 time(s) since Mar 7, 2017
Rexnord Duralon Composite Bearings. Read More
Dodge EXL Bearings Stand Up to Harsh Plant Conditions - 1163
Viewed 642 time(s) since Oct 2, 2015
Harsh, wet conditions at a Midwest shingle manufacturing plant were causing continuous contamination to the coater roller. The operation, in which a mix of finely ground asphalt is applied to the shingle’s fiberglass base, was soggy at best. Co... Read More
Bearing Switch Yields Maintenance Savings - 104
Viewed 1748 time(s) since Sep 19, 2014
A major food manufacturer was using 15 bearings per quarter on a filling line. Each bearing took half an hour to replace. Fully loaded maintenance cost was estimated at $250/hour. BDI recommended changeover to the RBC ATF-10-T8. Although it is nearly... Read More
Relubricating Solid Housed Ball and Roller Bearings - 2482
Viewed 309 time(s) since Apr 27, 2018
How to relubricate solid housed ball and roller bearings. Read More
How to Replace Link Belt Roller Bearing Seals - 2477
Viewed 273 time(s) since Apr 30, 2018
How to Replace Link Belt Roller Bearing Seals. Read More
How to Select a Seal for a Link Belt Ball Bearing - 2478
Viewed 357 time(s) since Apr 30, 2018
How to Select a Seal for a Link Belt Ball Bearing. Read More
How to Load Ball Bearings into a Metric Series Ball Nut - 2536
Viewed 349 time(s) since Mar 23, 2018
How to Load Ball Bearings into a Metric Series Ball Nut Read More
SKF Maintenance and Lubrication Products - 3006
Viewed 429 time(s) since Nov 2, 2017
Bearings have requirements after initial purchase. For example, there are special requirements associated with:MountingLubricatingAligningCondition MonitoringDismountingThe catalog linked below details the extensive array of SKF products that help su... Read More
Food-Safe Bearings from Carter - 2944
Viewed 851 time(s) since Aug 23, 2017
While parts of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) have already gone into effect, some of the more stringent guidelines took effect in August of 2017. The attached information from Carter Bearings details new products that will keep customers pr... Read More
Rexnord Power Transmission Products and Solutions for Power Plants - 2491
Viewed 395 time(s) since Jul 13, 2017
Rexnord Power Transmission Products and Solutions for Power Plants.At this time, the video is available in English only. Read More
Cost-Cutting Solutions for Continuous Baking Ovens - 2584
Viewed 1098 time(s) since Jun 2, 2017
Continuous baking ovens quickly burn up conventional bearings. SKF’s self-lubricating, drip-free, high-temperature bearings eliminate the need for constant lubrication and replacement..The PDF below outlines how a major wafer producer upgraded ... Read More
Re-manufacturing Bearings - 1485
Viewed 572 time(s) since Dec 17, 2015
Large bearings are an investment. Re-manufacturing these bearings protects the investment.   Read More
Universal Joint for Poultry Processing Equipment - 2234
Viewed 346 time(s) since Dec 22, 2016
One of the world’s largest poultry plant was losing production caused by replacement of an industry-standard stainless steel pin & block joint.The case study below shows Belden Universal’s solution.See the attachment below for details... Read More
Customizing Universal Joints for Metal Processing - 2236
Viewed 392 time(s) since Dec 22, 2016
A high-speed leveling machine that operated with a drive shaft assembly contained a traditional "pin & block" style universal joint. The speed caused the component to overheat posing a fire hazard. See how Belden Universal’s engineering tea... Read More
New Housing Created for Commercial Drying Equipment - 2115
Viewed 388 time(s) since Nov 6, 2016
A large Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) needed a customized solution to avoid premature bearing failure of the drive motors in their commercial drying equipment.See the attachment below for details. Read More
Product Availability When It Matters Most - 2116
Viewed 400 time(s) since Oct 7, 2016
When an Aggregate manufacturer went down due to a large split block bearing failure on a Sunday morning, PTI was able to overcome obstacles and had the manufacturer up and running by Monday morning.See the attachment below for details. Read More
Cement Operations Require Tough Steel - 1396
Viewed 540 time(s) since Nov 20, 2015
A cement plant was experiencing premature bearing failure due to contamination in their slurry pumps. NSK recommended angular contact bearings and technical training.See the attachment below for more details.  Read More
Automatic Lubrication System - 1315
Viewed 1059 time(s) since Oct 23, 2015
A Midwestern steel provider had 144 bearings on its sheet leveler that were constantly being over-greased, resulting in blown out seals.It was not effective for the company’s maintenance team to grease the bearings on the sheet leveler because ... Read More
Diamond Soot Blower Modification Delivers Savings that Electrify Power Generation Customer - 348
Viewed 521 time(s) since Jan 11, 2013
A coal-fired power plant in the upper Midwest was constantly repairing its soot blowers, with 40-50 units out of service at any given time. BDI determined that at peak temperatures, the bearing lubricant would liquefy and leak out of the bearings. Th... Read More
SmartLUBE Delivers for Midwest Bakery - 343
Viewed 1401 time(s) since Dec 4, 2014
A Chicago-area commercial bakery was replacing the tray support bearings in its ovens on a reactionary basis. Their weekly inspection cycle was resulting in two mechanics spending an average of 20 labor hours per week to replace failed bearings. The ... Read More
Shaft-Mounted Gear Reducer Solves Dual Problem for Limestone Quarry - 442
Viewed 596 time(s) since Jan 9, 2015
A limestone quarry customer was experiencing a high rate of catastrophic gear reducer failures, causing costly downtime.  Rexnord proposed a solution that reduced the total cost of ownership while also addressing the downtime issue. For detailed info... Read More