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BDI Modernizes Hydraulic System on Filter Press Machine - 6003
Viewed 244 time(s) since Sep 20, 2019
BDI recently assisted a chemicals company in rebuilding the manifold on their filter press machine. Click on the link below for details of the project.Whether you require a simple part replacement or a complete rebuild, contact your local BDI represe... Read More
Custom-Built Pneumatic Actuator System Eliminates Problem at Tubular Steel Products Plant - 354
Viewed 554 time(s) since Dec 4, 2014
A BDI steel plant customer was purchasing 10-12 electromechanical actuators each month for its cassette lifter.  The hooks moved by the actuators were hitting the cassette, resulting in a shock load that would break the actuators. When this occurred,... Read More
Electromagnetic or Pneumatic Clutch or Brake - 641
Viewed 497 time(s) since May 29, 2015
The attached document will help you understand when to use a friction clutch/brake versus a pneumatic clutch/brake.  Read More
Selecting the Right Pneumatic Cylinder - 1160
Viewed 459 time(s) since Jul 8, 2015
Air cylinders are offered in a variety of industry standards. At first glance, the numbers can be overwhelming. The attached article covers the following important considerations in air cylinder selection:The force (push and pull) requiredThe stroke ... Read More
Selecting Pneumatic Linear Slides - 1125
Viewed 467 time(s) since May 29, 2015
A pneumatic linear slide combines an air cylinder power source with a guide mechanism that supports the workload over a precise linear path. It can perform tasks as simple as pressing or as demanding as multi-axis robotics.The attached White Paper ex... Read More
Mining Hose Safety - 1184
Viewed 452 time(s) since Jul 8, 2015
 This video presents Hose Safety tips for the Mining industry.  Read More
Hydraulic Upgrade Gives New Life to Bakery Plant Dough Dumper - 350
Viewed 820 time(s) since Dec 4, 2014
A large commercial bakery in the Southeastern U.S. was using vintage dumpers to unload thousands of pounds of dough from a mixer into   a roll-around vat.  The plant was experiencing two-to-three-hour weekly downtime to maintain them, plus regular e... Read More
Replacing Discontinued Linear Slides - 1123
Viewed 469 time(s) since Jun 5, 2015
A Midwestern valves company was looking to replace Linear Slides in its production polishing operations. Pneumatic linear slides are work horses but, as with most equipment, they do wear out eventually. The customer's existing units were no long... Read More
Obsolete Pneumatic Valves - 105
Viewed 663 time(s) since Sep 22, 2014
A major lighting manufacturer was moving a fluorescent lamp production line between plants. It was determined that most of the pneumatic valves needed refurbishing. The customer wanted the valves replaced rather than repairing them. However, this val... Read More