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Understanding Non-Compliance: Why Workers Shun Hand Protection and What Can be Done to Break Bad Habits - 5955
Viewed 48 time(s) since Aug 7, 2019
The attached White Paper from Ansell, "UNDERSTANDING NON-COMPLIANCE: Why workers shun hand protection and what can be done to break bad habits," addresses often-overlooked yet critically important hand safety measures in the industrial workplace. Read More
Helpful Information on Rubber Glove Selection for Electrical Workers - 5959
Viewed 56 time(s) since Aug 7, 2019
The first attached document, "ELECTRICAL RUBBER INSULATING GLOVES--FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS GUIDE," contains helpful information on electrical hazards and how to safeguard your employees from harm by choosing the right gloves. The second attached d... Read More
Announcing Gates Revolutionary BIRD™ - 2494
Viewed 582 time(s) since Apr 24, 2017
How to use Gates new BIRD™ to inspect belts. Read More
How to Put on a Harness - 1374
Viewed 616 time(s) since Oct 16, 2015
View this video from Honeywell to see how to put on a harness.. Read More
A Cooling Vest Manages Heat Stress - 2000
Viewed 284 time(s) since Aug 19, 2016
A cooling vest increases productivity by managing heat stress. This vest will cool down to an optimal 59°F, with cooling properties that last up to three days.The video is available in English only. Read More
How to Activate Your Chill-Its Cooling Gear - 2001
Viewed 286 time(s) since Sep 2, 2016
This video provides technical cooling insight and instruction on how to activate two different Chill-Its products. Read More
How To Activate Hand, Foot and Toe Warmers - 2002
Viewed 334 time(s) since Aug 19, 2016
Prepare for winter with warming packs. Review the video which shows how to activate the Ergodyne N-FERNO warmer products.  Read More