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BDIExpress Knowledge Base
Airports - Industry Articles
Orlando Airport Updates its Terminal Baggage Carousels - 753
Viewed 1152 time(s) since Feb 2, 2015 - Material Handling, Electrical Power Transmission, Electrical
Many airports worldwide are plagued by old, unreliable baggage carousels. Click on the attachment to find out how Orlando International Airport was able to replace 15 systems that were more than 25 years old. This state-of-the-art solution provided a... Read More
Airport Baggage Claim Conveyor Drive Chain - 101
Viewed 1363 time(s) since Sep 16, 2014 - Material Handling
The baggage claim area in airports features steel plates that are moved by chain. The chain’s matched strands grab the button below each plate to drive the carousal.The original equipment maker uses specialty chain, giving the manufacturer cont... Read More
Simatec Lubricant Keeps Airport Systems Moving - 102
Viewed 1075 time(s) since Sep 16, 2014 - Chemicals
Guides, chains, bearings and bolts on the baggage handling system at a major airport required constant lubrication to maintain smooth operation. The airport maintenance tech was looking for a lubricant that didn’t require downtime to dispense. ... Read More