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Marine - Industry Articles
Professional Bearing Mounting on an Ocean Liner - 5307
Viewed 410 time(s) since Aug 15, 2018 - Bearings
After 15 years on the high seas, it was time for the cruise ship, „Voyager of the Seas“, to undergo a general overhaul in the dry dock. This was carried out in the dry dock in Singapore. Several thousand employees and mounting personnel were simultan... Read More
Efficient Large-Size Bearing Mounting Using Medium-Frequency Heating - 5299
Viewed 396 time(s) since Aug 15, 2018 - Bearings
The customer had to replace the existing starboard reel bearing, which highlighted a static fault during a condition monitoring test. Based on the test result, Subsea 7 elected to change the starboard bearing, which also gave the opportunity to exami... Read More