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Dodge Elastomeric Couplings

Dodge Elastomeric Couplings

Dodge® has brought innovation and quality to each mechanical power transmission solution for more than 145 years, and elastomeric couplings are no exception. Designed for high performance in tough applications, the maintenance-free elastomeric couplings deliver market-leading misalignment capabilities and torque ratings. Their proven performance outlasts the competition to ensure your operations continue to run smoothly.

Dodge elastomeric couplings are available in innovative designs such as the Raptor (split-tire), Para-Flex® (tire), D-Flex (sleeve), and StarFlex (jaw). This large product offering provides you with coupling solutions for virtually any application including pumps, compressors, and fans. With Dodge, enjoy trouble-free operations and maximize your uptime.

Raptor is the premier elastomeric coupling in the industry with proven performance in a variety of applications. Its split, natural rubber element delivers leading vibration damping and misalignment capabilities. Its patented WingLock design increases surface area and maximizes fatigue resistance by delivering higher bond strength than competitive designs.

Raptor Features and Benefits:

  • Interchangeable with competitive designs
  • Lasts 6.7 times longer than urethane designs
  • Split-element design for easy installation
  • Longer-driven equipment life
  • Industry-leading 5-year, limited warranty—even when used with competitors’ components

For more than 70 years, the Para-Flex high-performance elastomeric coupling has connected to harsh applications where the margin for failure is zero. Para-Flex is designed with a patented cording that transmits torque, offers a wear indicator, and absorbs shock loads to prevent damage to connected equipment. With the addition of Taper-Lock® and QD-bushed flanges, Dodge offers customers a wide variety of shaft attachment options.

Para-Flex Features and Benefits:

  • Taper-Lock and QD-bushed flanges reduce maintenance time and costs
  • Superior design provides advantages over polyurethane elements
  • Industry-leading misalignment capabilities
  • Torsionally soft rubber protects connected equipment
  • Industry-leading 5-year, limited warranty—even when used with competitors’ components

Sleeve couplings are a simple, effective, and popular coupling design known for their ease of installation and maintenance-free, reliable performance in critical applications. Dodge has leveraged decades of sleeve coupling manufacturing experience to improve our Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) and Neoprene sleeve formulations to achieve a 32 percent torque rating increase in the D-Flex couplings. New applications can reduce coupling size in 50 percent of selections, reducing initial and future purchase costs. Using the improved formulation to existing applications significantly increases the estimated service life.

D-Flex Features and Benefits:

  • Flanges meet or exceed ASTM B117 salt spray corrosion resistance standards
  • ATEX-certified through third-party testing
  • 65-degree setscrew angle for maximum holding power
  • Fully stocked in multiple warehouses throughout the US
    • Crossville, Tennessee
    • Dallas, Texas
    • Reno, Nevada

Contact your nearest BDI location for more information about Dodge Elastomeric Couplings.

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