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Dodge Food Safe Mounted Ball Bearings



Dodge Food Safe Mounted Ball Bearings

Your partner for all our washdown applications

Reliability, Productivity and Safety for food applications
BDI knows that reliability, productivity and safety are critical to your operation, especially in the high temperature, high pressure washdown environments demanded by food processing applications. That is why we offer the Dodge® Food Safe bearing.

Dodge Food Safe bearings solve two of the most prominent industry challenges when it comes to bearings - grease washout and corrosion. Food Safe bearings feature a patented lubrication protection system, superior coating, and smooth design to improve cleanability and maximize life in applications that require high pressure, caustic washdown. All Food Safe bearings are IP69 rated for water, and with product registration, offer an unprecedented one-year warranty against failure due to water ingress.

Contact your nearest BDI location for more information about Dodge Food Safe Mounted Ball Bearings.

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