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Dodge® Safety Mount™

Less is More with Dodge® Safety Mount™

Built to revolutionize mounted spherical roller bearing installations, Safety Mount™ was introduced by Dodge in 2019 and immediately set itself apart with up to four times faster installation than the competition. In an industry facing growing challenges with labor, a skilled workforce, and rising costs, manufacturers are continually looking for opportunities to increase efficiency and boost productivity. SAF-style bearing installations are lengthy and complicated—often requiring at least two workers, a wide variety of tools, precise measurements, and hours of downtime. Often used in critical applications, these bearings provided the perfect opportunity for Dodge Engineering to design a bearing that minimizes tools, risk, and downtime to maximize reliability, savings, and uptime.

Pre-lubricated and shaft-ready out of the box, Safety Mount is a drop-in replacement for SAF-style bearings and features an innovative design with unparalleled advantages. Its patented dual lock nut eliminates the need for feeler gauges, subjective measurements, and manual calculations, resulting in immediate time savings and improving operational reliability. The patented lock plate design utilizes a single-bolt securement mechanism for 360-degree placement options with no hammering. Its mechanically-retained triple-lip seal is designed to effectively purge grease and is proven to prevent seal blowout and contamination for extended product life. Safety Mount’s innovative design sets it apart from the competition—providing customers with the safest and fastest installation on the market, backed by the reliability and performance of the Dodge legacy.

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