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NTN Single Point Lubrication

NTN Single Point Lubrication

Guaranteed Reliable Lubrication

In addition to supplying high-quality bearings, NTN can provide its expertise and products to help manage lubrication issues. Our full range of single point lubricators ensures continuous, reliable, clean and extremely precise lubrication. Single point lubricators can be easily integrated into different types of applications (mechanical and automotive industries, steel mills, paper mills, etc.) thus providing optimized lubrication function without the need to modify your application.

NTN’s automatic single point lubricators come with several features that provide excellent benefits to your operation:

  • Easy installation to keep your operation up and running.
  • Constant and reliable distribution of grease prevents costly downtime due to lubrication-related bearing failures.
  • Adjustable and precise grease discharge periods ranging from one month to one year to keep your operation on schedule.
  • Electromechanical & gas-powered single point lubricators available to meet the needs of any application.
  • Lubricant volumes ranging from 60cc to 250cc are available to meet the greasing needs of any application.
  • Standard and special grease options available to accommodate any application.

Contact your nearest BDI location for more information about NTN Single Point Lubrication.

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