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Ralphs-Pugh Package Handling Roller Solution

Ralphs-Pugh Package Handling Roller Solution

Ralphs-Pugh shafting is spring loaded at both ends for easy install and removal. This durable and custom solution maximizes efficiency while keeping safety and noise considerations top of mind. Take a few moments to review the benefits and strength of this leading package handling solution product.

The UC62 conductive urethane shaft adapters eliminate future conveyor frame wear and lower noise but do not repair existing frame damage. For existing frame damage, BDI offers sidewall repair kits.

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  • Urethane adapter over a steel 5/16" hex carbon steel inner support shaft
  • The urethane over the end of the shaft is 1/16" thick so the roller is always supported in the frame with steel not the urethane (shown in the picture)
  • The material is not only urethane, but conductive urethane to dispel any ideas about static charge buildup and that urethane characteristics are far superior to any other material with respect to wear, tear, and abrasion resistance as well as assisiting in noice reduction and frame less frame wear


BDI Part # Ralphs-Pugh Part #
21473218 33RP.G46.UC62 X 16 1/2 BF SL 17.63
21473219 33RP.G46.UC62 X 28 BF SL 29 1/4
21473220 33RP.G46.UC62 X 30 BF SL 31 1/4
21473221 33RP.G46.UC62 X 32 BF SL 33 1/4
21473222 33RP.G46.UC62 X 34 BF SL 35 1/2
21473327 3M4.G25.C14 X 25 1/2 BF SL 26.56
21473328 3M4.G25.C14 X 27 1/2 BF SL 28.56
21520881 3M3LLBLO.G25.C14 X 32 BF
21520982 3RPLLBLO.G46.UC62 X 30 BF
21579024 22G3.G13.C10 X 28 BF SL=29

Contact your nearest BDI location for more information about Ralphs-Pugh Roller Solutions.