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Schaeffler CONCEPT1™ Single-Point Automatic Lubricators

Schaeffler's CONCEPT1™ Single-Point Automatic Lubricator

Precision-engineered to ensure optimal lubrication in a broad range of industrial machines and devices – including electric motors, bearing housings, fans, blowers and pumps – Schaeffler’s CONCEPT1™ single-point lubricator eliminates the need for time-consuming manual lubrication procedures, while preventing lubrication mistakes such as over- or under-greasing that can cause unplanned plant equipment downtime.

CONCEPT1 uses an electrochemical reaction to precisely and continuously supply the proper amount of lubricant to rolling bearings inside electric motors and other industrial machinery. Easy to install and operate, CONCEPT1 can reduce plant maintenance costs by as much as 25% when compared to manual lubrication procedures.

CONCEPT1 is available pre-filled with Schaeffler’s industry-leading line of Arcanol greases, or customers can have CONCEPT1 filled at the factory with an extensive selection of name-brand and special-order lubricants. Alternatively, customers can purchase empty lubricant cartridges for CONCEPT1 and use their own grease. And because Schaeffler is committed to reducing waste and helping to protect the environment, CONCEPT1 can be refilled up to three times using Schaeffler’s specially designed refill kits.

Contact your nearest BDI location for more information about Schaeffler CONCEPT1™ Single-Point Automatic Lubricators.

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