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BDI Additive

BDI Additive (BDI AM) works with companies like yours to identify and introduce opportunities for Additive Manufacturing in a low-cost way. BDI AM is a division of BDI, a global company experienced in developing and deploying custom distribution and supply chain solutions. BDI provides cost-saving and value-added services including technical expertise, engineering support, repair and inspection, collaborative plant-level project ownership and productivity tracking, inventory management, and fully integrated storeroom management.

To learn more about integrating Additive Manufacturing to your process:

3D Printed Parts


  • Additive Manufacturing Onboarding
  • Additive manufacturing education - what is additive manufacturing and what is mportant for you to know?
  • Additive manufacturing consultation - where can 3D printing be beneficial in your facility?

Engineering Support

  • Reverse engineering services are available if you do not have a 3D model or CAD drawing for the desired part. Engineering services are also beneficial for redesigning broken parts without drawings available.
  • BDI AM can work with your engineer to redesign parts for 3D printing.
  • If you do not have an engineer at your facility, BDI AM can provide engineering services to ensure the printed parts will fit the application.

3D Printing Services

  • 3D printing of parts
  • Post processing services to achieve desired surface finish and other painting / plating/coating requirements
  • Tap and die capabilities
  • If the current material of the part is not in 3D-printing-friendly form, let BDI AM help to identify a comparable material cross that meets all requirements.

Opportunity Identification and Assessment

  • BDI AM can help you identify what can be 3D printed – we can analyze potential opportunities based on current lead time and pricing to ensure you are making an economic decision.
  • BDI AM can let you know if the identified part and features can be printed properly or if redesign is required.
  • BDI AM will assist in material selection and parameters that will dictate the strength and functionality of the part.

Printing Capabilities

JuggerBot 3D's ME12c-D

  • Engineering - grade, material extrusion 3D Printer with an integrated dryer system
  • Capable of printing a range of thermoplastic filaments
  • Independently regulates the temperature of the deposition nozzle, the build plate, and chamber to accommodate various materials and produce high quality prints
  • 12-cubic-inch build volume
  • Print layer heights from .15mm to .6mm with a ± .5mm - .8mm accuracy, or better

Printer Selection & Sales

Would you like to add a printer to your fleet of equipment on either the production floor or machine shop?

We can help you identify the best technology to serve your purpose.