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Automatic Lubrication System

A Midwestern steel provider had 144 bearings on its sheet leveler that were constantly being over-greased, resulting in blown out seals.

It was not effective for the company’s maintenance team to grease the bearings on the sheet leveler because the grease ports were in an inconvenient location.  When they did grease the bearings they would over-grease them, causing the seals to blow out and grease to drip onto the steel.  This resulted in a line shutdown to clean all the bearings and sheets.

BDI suggested an automatic lubrication system that would provide a small amount of lubrication to the bearings and help to prevent blown seals, ultimately leading to longer bearing life.

The lubrication system has been operating for six months now and the customer has yet to blow a seal out of a bearing.  Since they no longer have to clean up grease off the flat steel sheets, they have increased their uptime.

Every application is unique. Talk to your BDI representative about various options for automatic lubrication or graphite-filled bearings.

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