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Clutch Problems Eliminated With Help From BDI Preferred Supplier

A Midwestern Iron Castings plant had placed an order with BDI for both new and repaired air clutches. While the customer’s preference was to work with the Original Equipment Manufacturer to obtain the parts, the OEM came back with an average three-month delivery on the required clutches. BDI tried to work with the supplier to shorten the lead-time, but they were unresponsive.

The servicing BDI branch contacted a local preferred Air Clutch manufacturer to identify an interchange. They proposed a standard, off-the-shelf clutch that is stocked at BDI’s Central Distribution facility in Cleveland.   

BDI reduced the lead-time from three (3) months to two (2) days!  Not only was the alternate part a stock item, it cost less than an average repair to purchase outright. The annual cost saving was nearly $3,500. This change was made in October 2014, and the clutches have proven to be a very suitable and durable replacement.

Referenced Parts

  1. Nexen-Horton Clutch
  • Type: BDI Service Excellence
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