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BDIExpress Knowledge Base

Custom Fabrication

A vending machine manufacturer was eager to adopt Lean principles in order to improve plant processes.

One procedure under review was the stamping of a metal sheet approximately 4’ x 3’. The process required two people to lift, flip and rotate the sheet manually after it had been welded with a Peer welder. The workers then had to insert it into the cabinet of a vending machine. Two employees had been injured previously in lost time incidents.

BDI worked with a local design engineer to develop a "one-man" device that could pick up and rotate the sheet 180 degrees without a person having to touch the sheet. Using an overhead rail, pneumatic suction cups and push button controls, BDI created a design that would meet the customer requirements.

Following installation of the new device, the stamping process requires only one person and is ergonomically safe. This has resul