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How to Modify the Users Who Can Access Your Company’s BDIExpress Account


Modifying the Users Who Can Purchase Against Your Company’s BDIExpress Account

If your BDIExpress user account was given administrative rights, you can create additional users who will be authorized to purchase on behalf of your company. You can also Disable users who have left your company or changed roles.

1.  Go to and select the appropriate country.

2.  Login to BDIExpress by selecting the SIGN IN OR REGISTER link. If necessary, change the country or language by clicking on the flag icon.

3.  If you have administrative privileges, you will see an MY COMPANY link.  If you don’t see MY COMPANY and believe you should be an administrator, contact your BDI representative.


4.  Select MY COMPANY link

5.  Select MANAGE USERS from the left column. All users currently associated with the account will be listed. The user you signed in as should also be listed. The STATUS column lets you know which, if any, users have been Disabled.

6.  Look at the ROLES column. You will be able to assign one or more roles to each new user you will be creating.

  • Buyers -- Can place orders in BDIExpress. All users are automatically assigned to the Buyer role.
  • Administrators -- Have access to MY COMPANY area of BDIExpress and can create/modify other users.

7.  Select CREATE NEW USER and fill in the details on the screen. When you are done, select SAVE UPDATES.

  • If the user is going to be an Administrator, select that role.
  • All configured purchasing units for your company will be selected by default. 
    • If there are specific purchasing units the user should not be able to purchase against, uncheck them. Or, you can click on DESELECT ALL PURCHASING UNITS and then check the individual purchasing units you want to grant access to.
    • Every new user needs to have at least one purchasing unit selected.


8.  If you don’t want the new user to receive periodic marketing emails from BDI, then uncheck the associated box.

9.  Select SAVE UPDATES when done.

10.  Share the password with the new user. There are no auto-generated emails. Users will be required to reset their passwords after their first login.


If you need to modify a user’s settings, do the following:

1.  From the ALL USERS screen double-click on a user.

2.  Select Reset Password to reset a password.

3.  Select DISABLE USER to disable the user.

4.  Select EDIT to edit the user. 

  • Note that the email address cannot be changed and the buyer role cannot be unchecked.  If you need to change an email address, email [email protected]







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