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Registration Link for BDIExpress Webinars


 Register For a BDIExpress Webinar


BDIExpress Customer Webinars

BDI is hosting weekly BDIExpress webinars, open to anyone at any company who uses BDIExpress or would like to use BDIExpress. Click here to view the schedule and register for a session. Once you register, a meeting link and phone number will be sent from [email protected]

During a webinar you will  learn how to:

  • Master the quick order page for quick copy/paste ordering
  • Track your orders
  • Request quotes and then add them to orders
  • Check BDI inventory locations, as well as some manufacturer inventory
  • Find cost saving ideas from our experts using the Knowledge Base
  • Search for products faster and more accurately
  • Setup additional users
  • Quickly reorder from order history and saved carts
  • Set favorite products to find them quickly
  • Print copies of past invoices

Register Here -->


Note that if there are no registrants 12 hours before a webinar is scheduled to begin, that session will be cancelled.  Also, email [email protected] if  the webinar times are not convenient for you.  We will either adjust the time of one of the weekly webinars or schedule an additional one.


BDI Employees

At the end of each webinar we will show additional BDIExpress tools that are designed to help BDI employees more efficiently support our customers.  These tools are only available to BDI employees, and thus customers will be disconnected from the webinar before we begin this portion of the demo.

This article is ONLY available in the English Knowledge Base.  It has not been copied to the other languages.

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