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Did you know that BDIExpress supports hosted catalogs with BDI product content, provides a punch-out version of, and accepts orders via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)? These are among the many powerful features that BDI has invested in and carefully fine-tuned to make the new your go-to site for shopping and learning about the most unique and innovative industrial products and services available today!

Using, you can compare and purchase products from an inventory of more than three million items. You can also create a Personal Catalog using the Favorites feature, employ the Save-a-Cart feature, order or renew Quotes, perform Order Inquiries, search Order History, and Track Orders. 

We invite you to click on the attached introductory video. It’s short and to the point, providing a helpful intro/demo of all the site’s capabilities!


Until further notice, you will need to go to to access the new BDIExpress because the legacy BDIExpress is still occupying the URL.  This will soon change, and new will be available at both URLs.   For now, please remember to access new by using




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Comment By Rob McArthur - Oct 6, 2017 9:59 AM
Another slick video explanation on the website. I would of like a little narrative voice.
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