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Roof Tiles Were a Re-Greasing Mess - 5239
Viewed 43 time(s) since Sep 4, 2018
A premium roof tile manufacturer was using considerable labor resources on a weekly basis to re-grease the ball sliders on handling machinery. These issues were occurring in multiple areas within the factory, resulting in high maintenance costs and i... Read More
Sugar Producer Enjoys Extended Bearing Life with simalube - 5156
Viewed 110 time(s) since Jul 31, 2018
Since installing simalube into their machinery, a sugar producer has not needed to replace any bearings for 2 years.This article is only available in English. Read More
Ham Line’s Chain Drives Wearing Out Due to Lubrication - 5113
Viewed 135 time(s) since Jul 24, 2018
Corrosion was causing serious problems on the chain drives of a packing plant’s ham line conveyors. Gates recommended a solution that operated for years without issues. Click on the attachment to learn more. Read More
Gates Super HC Belt Drive for the Chemical Processing Industry - 5160
Viewed 88 time(s) since Jul 17, 2018
These dryer fans were burning up almost once a week. Switching to a Super HC EPDM construction belt drive resulted in over $20,000 in savings due to reduced downtime and replacement costs.This article is available in English Only. Read More
FUCHS Corporate Movie - 2588
Viewed 210 time(s) since Apr 7, 2017
FUCHS Corporate Movie Read More
Filling and Refilling Lubricator simalube with Grease - 2826
Viewed 167 time(s) since Nov 21, 2017
Filling and refilling lubricator simalube with grease. Read More
700 Series Gearbox Lubrication - 2438
Viewed 211 time(s) since Mar 10, 2017
Learn how to lubricate your Boston Gear 700 Series Gearbox. Read More
Relubricating Solid Housed Ball and Roller Bearings - 2482
Viewed 117 time(s) since Apr 27, 2018
How to relubricate solid housed ball and roller bearings. Read More
What You Need to Know About FSMA and Lubrication - 2831
Viewed 190 time(s) since Jul 13, 2017
The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is focused on preventing, rather than responding to, contamination in the U.S. food supply.There are various ways FUCHS helps food manufacturers to prepare their lubrication program to develop and meet the lub... Read More
Limitless Bonding by Loctite - 3014
Viewed 633 time(s) since Nov 2, 2017
This video is only available in English at this time. Read More
BDI Finds Safe and Effective Degreasing Solution - 332
Viewed 350 time(s) since Dec 4, 2014
Walter Surface provides a xylene alternative to clean the metal housings at a Tennessee plant. Open the attachment to read about the problems the customer was experiencing, and BDI’s solution. Read More
Rust-Oleum InstaPatch Quick and Easy - 1474
Viewed 369 time(s) since Jan 15, 2016
See how quick and easy it is to repair cracks in concrete floors. Read More
Why use simalube? - 2457
Viewed 286 time(s) since May 5, 2017
All the reasons why you should use simalube for your lubrication needs. Read More
Automatic Lubrication simalube in the Manufacture of Magnesium - 2328
Viewed 211 time(s) since Feb 3, 2017
Magnesium manufacturing creates adverse conditions for bearings and other moving parts; DUST, WATER and HEAT. simalube automatic lubricators keep the process moving..  Read More
Bread Oven Conveyor Solution - 2183
Viewed 322 time(s) since Nov 8, 2016
The Simalube Automatic Lubricator provides the following advantages:Avoids manual lubricationContinuous lubrication during productionProvides optimal lubrication volumeCleans the chain while lubricatingIncrease chain life Read More
Bio-Circle Parts Washer Fits Right In at Dairy Co-Op - 1327
Viewed 541 time(s) since Oct 2, 2015
The maintenance shop at a dairy co-op plant was located in the middle of the production area. Regulations mandated they could not have a parts washer with solvents anywhere near the product. BDI recognized that this was a perfect application for Bio-... Read More
Fuchs CASSIDA Food Grade Lubricants - 1607
Viewed 387 time(s) since Jul 14, 2016
Review how energy savings can be achieved with synthetic oils versus standard food grade lubricants.See the attachment below for more details. Read More
Automatic Lubrication System - 1315
Viewed 766 time(s) since Oct 23, 2015
A Midwestern steel provider had 144 bearings on its sheet leveler that were constantly being over-greased, resulting in blown out seals.It was not effective for the company’s maintenance team to grease the bearings on the sheet leveler because ... Read More
Diamond Soot Blower Modification Delivers Savings that Electrify Power Generation Customer - 348
Viewed 362 time(s) since Jan 11, 2013
A coal-fired power plant in the upper Midwest was constantly repairing its soot blowers, with 40-50 units out of service at any given time. BDI determined that at peak temperatures, the bearing lubricant would liquefy and leak out of the bearings. Th... Read More
Simatec Lubricant Keeps Airport Systems Moving - 102
Viewed 723 time(s) since Sep 19, 2014
Guides, chains, bearings and bolts on the baggage handling system at a major airport required constant lubrication to maintain smooth operation. The airport maintenance tech was looking for a lubricant that didn’t require downtime to dispense. ... Read More
SmartLUBE Delivers for Midwest Bakery - 343
Viewed 1008 time(s) since Dec 4, 2014
A Chicago-area commercial bakery was replacing the tray support bearings in its ovens on a reactionary basis. Their weekly inspection cycle was resulting in two mechanics spending an average of 20 labor hours per week to replace failed bearings. The ... Read More