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Electromagnetic or Pneumatic Clutch or Brake - 641
Viewed 296 time(s) since May 29, 2015
The attached document will help you understand when to use a friction clutch/brake versus a pneumatic clutch/brake.  Read More
BDI’s Drive Refurbishing Provides Substantial Cost Savings - 347
Viewed 491 time(s) since Dec 4, 2014
The attached document describes how BDI’s refurbishing of worn-out drive shafts for an auto assembly plant resulted in significant cost savings and reduced lead times. The same solutions are available in coal mine, and metal processing facilit... Read More
Cement Operations Require Tough Steel - 1396
Viewed 379 time(s) since Nov 20, 2015
A cement plant was experiencing premature bearing failure due to contamination in their slurry pumps. NSK recommended angular contact bearings and technical training.See the attachment below for more details.  Read More
Proven Energy Savings With Synchronous Belts - 444
Viewed 292 time(s) since Jan 19, 2015
A light bulb manufacturing plant sought to reduce energy costs while increasing overall efficiency.  Target areas were the plant’s roof-top exhaust fans as well as its coater oven heat zone blowers. The blower drives were multiple B-section v-b... Read More
Orlando Airport Updates its Terminal Baggage Carousels - 753
Viewed 808 time(s) since Feb 2, 2015
Many airports worldwide are plagued by old, unreliable baggage carousels. Click on the attachment to find out how Orlando International Airport was able to replace 15 systems that were more than 25 years old. This state-of-the-art solution provided a... Read More
Diamond Soot Blower Modification Delivers Savings that Electrify Power Generation Customer - 348
Viewed 362 time(s) since Jan 11, 2013
A coal-fired power plant in the upper Midwest was constantly repairing its soot blowers, with 40-50 units out of service at any given time. BDI determined that at peak temperatures, the bearing lubricant would liquefy and leak out of the bearings. Th... Read More
BDI Suggests More Efficient Belts, Customer Reaps Savings - 333
Viewed 405 time(s) since Dec 4, 2014
Seeking to reduce power consumption,  an automotive manufacturer customer implemented BDI's proposed Optibelt solution. This resulted in more than 30% in energy savings. For detailed information about this application, please reference the attac... Read More
Shaft-Mounted Gear Reducer Solves Dual Problem for Limestone Quarry - 442
Viewed 408 time(s) since Jan 9, 2015
A limestone quarry customer was experiencing a high rate of catastrophic gear reducer failures, causing costly downtime.  Rexnord proposed a solution that reduced the total cost of ownership while also addressing the downtime issue. For detailed info... Read More
Incorrect Bearing Replacement Type Can Cause Premature Failure - 274
Viewed 258 time(s) since Nov 10, 2014
When roller crusher bearings are failing on a regular basis, use of the wrong replacement type could be the culprit.Roller crushers are regularly subject to harsh conditions. Heavy loads, along with abrasive dirt and extreme weather, can take a toll ... Read More