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Condition Monitoring on Offshore Petroleum Platform - 5297
Viewed 71 time(s) since Sep 17, 2018
The customer uses a maintenance strategy that includes condition monitoring of all rotating components of its facilities around the world. Therefore, they were looking for a condition monitoring service provider with extensive experience in petroleum... Read More
Condition Monitoring on a Hot Strip Mill - 5296
Viewed 87 time(s) since Sep 17, 2018
The weak spot of the rolling stands in any hot strip mill are the roller bearings on the work rollers. Under extreme operating conditions only relatively short stoppage times are possible. Unplanned stoppages and expensive consequential damage, such ... Read More
Condition Monitoring of Saw Gearboxes Increases Availability - 5295
Viewed 85 time(s) since Sep 17, 2018
The cutting saws of two different lines are driven by a gear motor system that at the same time drives a cutting disc. The saw drive supports the dynamic forces of the process. Due to the operating conditions it is exposed to an increased danger of w... Read More
Troubleshooting your Electrical Clutch & Brake - 2443
Viewed 435 time(s) since Nov 21, 2017
Troubleshooting your Warner Electric clutch and brakes? Here are some common places to check. Read More
LEESON’s Extreme Duck Motor - 2610
Viewed 248 time(s) since Mar 31, 2017
Philippe Degail Exhibits LEESON’s Extreme Duck Motor at the EASA 2015 Convention Read More
Clutch Problems Eliminated With Help From BDI Preferred Supplier - 1243
Viewed 723 time(s) since Sep 18, 2015
A Midwestern Iron Castings plant had placed an order with BDI for both new and repaired air clutches. While the customer’s preference was to work with the Original Equipment Manufacturer to obtain the parts, the OEM came back with an average th... Read More
Actuator Basic Selection - 2454
Viewed 157 time(s) since Apr 30, 2018
Providing guidance on Warner Linear Actuator basic selection. The video references using the Warner Linear Catalog; the link is below.The second link offers a selection of various linear actuators.OR contact your nearest BDI Location to order your ac... Read More
Energy Focus, Inc. Marks 5th year Anniversary of First Commercial Installation - 2022
Viewed 67 time(s) since Oct 1, 2015
September 2015 - Energy Focus Inc.announced that its first commercial installation of tubular LEDs (light emitting diodes) (TLED) had reached a 5-year anniversary with a leading precision machine parts manufacturer.Over this 5-year span they helped t... Read More
Light Replacement Shines Light on Savings - 1314
Viewed 674 time(s) since Sep 4, 2015
View this video to see how Ohio-based Hartville Market upgraded it’s lighting with Energy Focus. Read More
NO Ballast Required! - 1317
Viewed 448 time(s) since Apr 29, 2016
This video highlights how easy it is to replace fluorescent bulbs with Energy Focus’ energy efficient LED. NO Ballast required! Read More
Orlando Airport Updates its Terminal Baggage Carousels - 753
Viewed 808 time(s) since Feb 2, 2015
Many airports worldwide are plagued by old, unreliable baggage carousels. Click on the attachment to find out how Orlando International Airport was able to replace 15 systems that were more than 25 years old. This state-of-the-art solution provided a... Read More