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Food & Beverage - Industry Articles
Capping in Milk Production Facility - 1148
Viewed 400 time(s) since Jun 8, 2015 - Mechanical Power Transmission
A regional milk producer had been using Federal clutches on its capping machine for years. They would rebuild the units on a monthly basis to extend their life. The rebuild process was long and tedious, though much cheaper than buying new backup unit... Read More
Gearbox Solutions - 1130
Viewed 574 time(s) since May 29, 2015 - Mechanical Power Transmission
A BDI customer was constantly rebuilding a gearbox and variable speed drive used on a cap sorter. Imported from France, the gearbox was costly to repair and replace. Because the gearbox was bolted directly to the equipment, the customer wanted to mak... Read More
BDI Pulls Chicken Farm Out of a Messy Situation - 155
Viewed 695 time(s) since Oct 6, 2014 - Bearings
A chicken processing plant conveyor was continuously exposed to high-pressure wash down, which compromised the conveyor bearings. See the attachment below for details. Read More
Dodge Food Safe Bearings IP69 Rated - 5801
Viewed 55 time(s) since May 15, 2019 - Bearings
Quickly becoming the standard for washdown environments, products rated for IP69 (for water) are protected against high temperature, high pressure spray at close proximity. Although industry guidelines recommend limiting cleaning pressures to 200 psi... Read More
BDI Devises a Unique Tabletop Conveyor Solution, Saving a Vegetable Packing Plant Time and Money - 339
Viewed 979 time(s) since Dec 4, 2014 - Mechanical Power Transmission, Material Handling
Changing productions lines from dry-fill to wet-fill (and vice-versa) at a major midwest vegetable packing plant caused a 36-hour shut down. BDI introduced System Plast conveyor system which combined both wet and dry; eliminating changeover downtime.... Read More
Food Production Line Was Down Constantly - 5207
Viewed 160 time(s) since Jul 27, 2018 - Bearings
Customer was experiencing ball bearing failures every 4 – 6 weeks on their production conveyor line. Regular high pressure wash-downs led to corrosion, seal damage and grease wash-out, resulting in regular maintenance and production downtime. NSK rev... Read More
Sugar Producer Enjoys Extended Bearing Life with simalube - 5156
Viewed 231 time(s) since Jul 17, 2018 - Bearings, Chemicals
Since installing simalube into their machinery, a sugar producer has not needed to replace any bearings for 2 years.This article is only available in English. Read More
Meyn Deboning Machines Causing Multiple High Costing Problems - 5120
Viewed 244 time(s) since Jul 11, 2018 - Bearings, Material Handling, Mechanical Power Transmission
Multiple bearing failure on a deboning machine can cost customers thousands of dollars to replace.Timken - EDT has an ideal solution to avoid these costs.This article is available in English Only. Read More
Vanmark Potato Peelers Have High Corrosion Damage - 5119
Viewed 199 time(s) since Jul 11, 2018 - Material Handling, Mechanical Power Transmission
Potato starch is highly corrosive to steel roller bearings. Additionally, the constant water wash-downs dilute the grease in the bearings.Timken - EDT has a solution that will save $8,236.80. This article is available in English Only. Read More
Wolverine Oven Bearings Downtime Costing Hundreds - 5118
Viewed 249 time(s) since Jul 11, 2018 - Bearings, Material Handling, Mechanical Power Transmission
Ball bearings supporting oven rollers required change-out every 3 months. A typical change-out also required repairing 12 journals at a cost of $150 each.Timken - EDT has a solution that will save $4,346.38 per roller. This article is available in En... Read More
Cooling Tunnel in Meat Plants Are Hard To Maintain - 5117
Viewed 240 time(s) since Jul 11, 2018 - Bearings, Material Handling, Mechanical Power Transmission
Cooling tunnels in meat plants have wet environment demands, including bearing replacement at least once a year. This is difficult and time consuming, often requiring an outside contractor with a crane for a couple of days.Timken - EDT has a solution... Read More
Conveyor for Whole Chickens Causing Major Water Bill - 5116
Viewed 210 time(s) since Jul 11, 2018 - Material Handling, Mechanical Power Transmission
Problems with the old drive system in a wash down environment made clean up difficult, which made meeting FDA regulations difficult as well. Gates has a solution that can reduce water usage 30%, which equates to over $50K in annual water savings. Thi... Read More
Meat Packing Freezer Causing High Energy Bills - 5115
Viewed 205 time(s) since Jul 11, 2018 - Mechanical Power Transmission
A meat packing freezer with belt slippage and breakage can cause expensive downtime and high energy bills.Gates has a solution to extend belt life and lower energy bills.This article is available in English Only. Read More
Ham Line’s Chain Drives Wearing Out Due to Lubrication - 5113
Viewed 251 time(s) since Jul 11, 2018 - Chemicals, Mechanical Power Transmission
Corrosion was causing serious problems on the chain drives of a packing plant’s ham line conveyors. Gates recommended a solution that operated for years without issues. Click on the attachment to learn more. Read More
Constant Down Time For Meat Blender Costing Plant Thousands - 5112
Viewed 240 time(s) since Jul 11, 2018 - Material Handling, Mechanical Power Transmission
The attached article details how the chain on a meat packing blender was constantly breaking, costing hundreds in downtime, parts, labour.Gates came up with a solution that has saved the plant over $1,000 in downtime alone.At this time, the article i... Read More
Martin Sprocket & Gear Improves Customer’s Conveyor System - 5109
Viewed 229 time(s) since Jul 11, 2018 - Material Handling, Mechanical Power Transmission
A meat processing company experienced ongoing maintenance costs with a screw conveyor. The Martin Gear field support team uncovered a viable replacement, posting substantial savings for the company. Documented Cost Savings - $5,982.00   Read More
Martin Sprocket & Gear Improves Customer’s Efficiency - 5108
Viewed 211 time(s) since Jul 11, 2018 - Mechanical Power Transmission
The Martin field support team visited a customer location and uncovered opportunities to improve conveyor efficiency.  By converting conveyor drives, the customer saved on energy costs. Documented Cost Savings - $1,105.00 At this time, the article is... Read More
Poultry Barrel Chain Wearing Costing Plant Lots in Maintenance - 5111
Viewed 251 time(s) since Jul 11, 2018 - Material Handling, Mechanical Power Transmission
A roller chain was rusting and the sprockets were wearing, requiring regular replacement. The roller chain and sprockets component costs were high, not to mention the downtime for maintenance. The customer was looking for a maintenance-free alternati... Read More
Major Savings at a Poultry Processing Plant - 5110
Viewed 244 time(s) since Jul 11, 2018 - Mechanical Power Transmission
The attached article discusses a plant that processes 250,000 chickens per day, seven days a week. The competitive V-belts that operated their machines could not stand up to such heavy use and failed within four weeks of operation.  Since installing ... Read More
Gates Belt Drive for Conveying in the Bottling Industry - 5163
Viewed 177 time(s) since Jul 17, 2018 - Material Handling, Mechanical Power Transmission
A bottle conveyor’s chain stretched unevenly, causing bottles to pile up and break. The Gates drives eliminated stretching so speeds were consistent, which in turn eliminated scrapped product and downtime.This article is available in English On... Read More
Gates Belt Drive for the Food Processing Industry - 5162
Viewed 176 time(s) since Jul 17, 2018 - Mechanical Power Transmission
A sugar mill was experiencing inconsistent V-belt drive operation. With Poly Chain, the mill saved $34,000 in the first year after reducing the number of belts needing to be replaced and expensive maintenance time.This article is available in English... Read More
Gates Belt Drive for Air Handlers in the Food & Beverage Industry - 5161
Viewed 193 time(s) since Jul 17, 2018 - Mechanical Power Transmission
Air Handler V-belts needed to be replaced frequently, required significant maintenance, and were inefficient. Replacing these belts with Poly Chain resulted in annual savings of $14,500.This article is available in English Only. Read More
Metal on Metal Wear Causing Frequent Replacement In Poultry Plant - 5114
Viewed 195 time(s) since Jul 11, 2018 - Material Handling, Mechanical Power Transmission
Metal on metal wear was causing frequent replacement. The mess associated with the chain was not acceptable in this application in a food plant.Gates has a solution that will last and not cause contamination issues. Read More
Klean Gard Bearings - The Food and Beverage Solution - 2479
Viewed 341 time(s) since Mar 7, 2017 - Bearings
Klean Gard Bearings - The Solution for the Food and Beverage Industry Read More
Snack Food Plant Cuts Grease for a Healthier Operation - 2585
Viewed 389 time(s) since Mar 22, 2017 - Bearings
A snack food manufacturer was exploring cost-saving ideas. They teamed up with SKF to put a trial in place.Using extreme temperature bearings resulted in cost savings of over $24,000 annually. See the attachment below for details. Read More
Bearing Switch Yields Maintenance Savings - 104
Viewed 1635 time(s) since Sep 19, 2014 - Bearings
A major food manufacturer was using 15 bearings per quarter on a filling line. Each bearing took half an hour to replace. Fully loaded maintenance cost was estimated at $250/hour. BDI recommended changeover to the RBC ATF-10-T8. Although it is nearly... Read More
Formsprag Indexing Clutch for a Food Conveyor - 1788
Viewed 170 time(s) since Jun 3, 2016 - Clutch and Brake
Looking for an indexing clutch for a washdown environment?See the attachment below for details. Read More
What You Need to Know About FSMA and Lubrication - 2831
Viewed 287 time(s) since Jun 16, 2017 - Chemicals
The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is focused on preventing, rather than responding to, contamination in the U.S. food supply.There are various ways FUCHS helps food manufacturers to prepare their lubrication program to develop and meet the lub... Read More
Food-Safe Bearings from Carter - 2944
Viewed 776 time(s) since Aug 23, 2017 - Bearings
While parts of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) have already gone into effect, some of the more stringent guidelines took effect in August of 2017. The attached information from Carter Bearings details new products that will keep customers pr... Read More
Cost-Cutting Solutions for Continuous Baking Ovens - 2584
Viewed 971 time(s) since Mar 22, 2017 - Bearings
Continuous baking ovens quickly burn up conventional bearings. SKF’s self-lubricating, drip-free, high-temperature bearings eliminate the need for constant lubrication and replacement..The PDF below outlines how a major wafer producer upgraded ... Read More
Universal Joint for Poultry Processing Equipment - 2234
Viewed 308 time(s) since Dec 14, 2016 - Bearings
One of the world’s largest poultry plant was losing production caused by replacement of an industry-standard stainless steel pin & block joint.The case study below shows Belden Universal’s solution.See the attachment below for details... Read More
Bread Oven Conveyor Solution - 2183
Viewed 423 time(s) since Nov 4, 2016 - Chemicals
The Simalube Automatic Lubricator provides the following advantages:Avoids manual lubricationContinuous lubrication during productionProvides optimal lubrication volumeCleans the chain while lubricatingIncrease chain life Read More
Bio-Circle Parts Washer Fits Right In at Dairy Co-Op - 1327
Viewed 644 time(s) since Sep 10, 2015 - Chemicals
The maintenance shop at a dairy co-op plant was located in the middle of the production area. Regulations mandated they could not have a parts washer with solvents anywhere near the product. BDI recognized that this was a perfect application for Bio-... Read More
Universal Joints in Food Applications - 2041
Viewed 414 time(s) since Aug 29, 2016 - Mechanical Power Transmission
The Belden Universal solution provided a customer with a completely washdown-safe universal joint, eliminating corrosion, contamination, burnout and joint seizure.See the attachment below for details. Read More
Fuchs CASSIDA Food Grade Lubricants - 1607
Viewed 480 time(s) since Feb 24, 2016 - Chemicals
Review how energy savings can be achieved with synthetic oils versus standard food grade lubricants.See the attachment below for more details. Read More
Capping Solutions for the Bottling Industry - 1253
Viewed 759 time(s) since Jul 20, 2015 - Mechanical Power Transmission
One of BDI’s beverage customers was installing three new bottling lines from the original equipment manufacturer. The lead time for the capper heads was 12 weeks. The customer asked if BDI could provide them in a shorter lead time, so that they... Read More
iwis Pin Oven Chains--Reliable and Long Lasting - 1437
Viewed 493 time(s) since Nov 13, 2015 - Mechanical Power Transmission
The attached article highlights iwis Pin Oven Chains, created specifically for handling delicate empty cans.  Read More
Avoiding Contamination in Food Manufacturing - 1182
Viewed 351 time(s) since Jun 24, 2015 - Mechanical Power Transmission
This Gates-produced video demonstrates how Gates belting helps avoid contamination in food- and medical-device manufacturing settings.  Read More
Hydraulic Upgrade Gives New Life to Bakery Plant Dough Dumper - 350
A large commercial bakery in the Southeastern U.S. was using vintage dumpers to unload thousands of pounds of dough from a mixer into   a roll-around vat.  The plant was experiencing two-to-three-hour weekly downtime to maintain them, plus regular e... Read More
Replacing Linear Guides with Stainless Steel - 1373
Viewed 390 time(s) since Oct 16, 2015 - Linear Motion
Linear Guides on a band cutter were being replaced every 3 weeks causing excessive maintenance, downtime and lost production. Existing linear guides were ArmoloyTM coated and used food grade grease but they were not holding up the performance standar... Read More
Snack Food Manufacturing Requires Washdown - 1158
Viewed 967 time(s) since Jun 10, 2015 - Mechanical Power Transmission
View this video to see how Gates can drive savings when washdown is required.  Read More
Savings Potential in Poultry Plants - 1162
Viewed 584 time(s) since Jun 15, 2015 - Mechanical Power Transmission
Check out this video from Gates. Your BDI representative can help you explore each of the suggested potential cost savings. Read More
SmartLUBE Delivers for Midwest Bakery - 343
Viewed 1269 time(s) since Dec 4, 2014 - Bearings, Chemicals
A Chicago-area commercial bakery was replacing the tray support bearings in its ovens on a reactionary basis. Their weekly inspection cycle was resulting in two mechanics spending an average of 20 labor hours per week to replace failed bearings. The ... Read More