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Lighting / Glass / Electronics - Industry Articles
Proven Energy Savings With Synchronous Belts - 444
Viewed 394 time(s) since Jan 19, 2015 - Mechanical Power Transmission, Electrical Power Transmission
A light bulb manufacturing plant sought to reduce energy costs while increasing overall efficiency.  Target areas were the plant’s roof-top exhaust fans as well as its coater oven heat zone blowers. The blower drives were multiple B-section v-b... Read More
Obsolete Pneumatic Valves - 105
Viewed 534 time(s) since Sep 19, 2014 - Pneumatic - Hydraulic
A major lighting manufacturer was moving a fluorescent lamp production line between plants. It was determined that most of the pneumatic valves needed refurbishing. The customer wanted the valves replaced rather than repairing them. However, this val... Read More