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BDIExpress Knowledge Base
Material Handling - Industry Articles
Automatic Crane Bearings Failing - 5213
Viewed 62 time(s) since Jul 30, 2018 - Bearings
A distribution centers automated crane was experiencing regular wheel bearing failures due to loss of grease. The customer had to change 40-wheel hub units over a 5-year period. NSK conducted a bearing failure analysis confirming that the wheel beari... Read More
Recycling Sorting Nightmare Solved - 5212
Viewed 45 time(s) since Jul 30, 2018 - Material Handling
A recycler was experiencing regular failures of a mounted bearing unit on an optical sorting conveyor. In the three months after installation of the machine, a total of 5 bearing failures were recorded. An NSK application engineer examined the applic... Read More
Retail Distribution Center Cuts Through the Clutter - 769
Viewed 519 time(s) since Feb 16, 2015 - Tools, Material Handling, Mechanical Power Transmission
An Ohio distribution center used a variety of methods to break chain, with mixed results and an increasingly cluttered maintenance room.The attachment below details how Timken/Drives’ EZ BREAKER delivers consistent results and promotes a tidy w... Read More
Orlando Airport Updates its Terminal Baggage Carousels - 753
Viewed 808 time(s) since Feb 2, 2015 - Material Handling, Electrical Power Transmission, Electrical
Many airports worldwide are plagued by old, unreliable baggage carousels. Click on the attachment to find out how Orlando International Airport was able to replace 15 systems that were more than 25 years old. This state-of-the-art solution provided a... Read More
BDI Devises a Unique Tabletop Conveyor Solution, Saving a Vegetable Packing Plant Time and Money - 339
Viewed 733 time(s) since Dec 4, 2014 - Mechanical Power Transmission, Material Handling
Changing productions lines from dry-fill to wet-fill (and vice-versa) at a major midwest vegetable packing plant caused a 36-hour shut down. BDI introduced System Plast conveyor system which combined both wet and dry; eliminating changeover downtime.... Read More
Airport Baggage Claim Conveyor Drive Chain - 101
Viewed 1062 time(s) since Sep 16, 2014 - Material Handling
The baggage claim area in airports features steel plates that are moved by chain. The chain’s matched strands grab the button below each plate to drive the carousal.The original equipment maker uses specialty chain, giving the manufacturer cont... Read More