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BDIExpress Knowledge Base
Oil / Gas - Industry Articles
Greater Production Reliability on Oil Platforms - 5301
Viewed 271 time(s) since Aug 15, 2018 - Bearings
Bearing damage and gear failures in the propulsion of an oil platform are extreme costly as oil production may have to be stopped completely for the repair work. For this reason it was of great importance for the customer to increase the operational ... Read More
Condition Monitoring on Offshore Petroleum Platform - 5297
Viewed 245 time(s) since Aug 15, 2018 - Electrical
The customer uses a maintenance strategy that includes condition monitoring of all rotating components of its facilities around the world. Therefore, they were looking for a condition monitoring service provider with extensive experience in petroleum... Read More
Training at a Gas Plant Saves Thousands - 5208
Viewed 213 time(s) since Jul 30, 2018 - Bearings
An international petrochemical products manufacturer wanted to expand the knowledge of their engineering team on rolling element bearings specific to the refinery. NSK was consulted and after a review of the plant designed customized training course,... Read More