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SmartSUPPLY | Vendor Managed Inventory

SmartSUPPLY - Vendor Managed Inventory

A smarter way to lower your ongoing material costs. SmartSUPPLY is BDI's Vendor Managed Inventory platform.

How we can help

Product Expertise

We provide the technology and standardized business processes integrated with your strategic suppliers that provide the parts and technical expertise maintenance requires.

Inventory Management

Robust inventory management tools allow for easy organization of complex stocking conditions. Utilize various inventory control methodologies to automate your replenishment process.


Automated inventory replenishments and spot buy requisitions are seamlessly integrated with an RFQ process, to lower your costs and leverage your supplier's product expertise.

Approval Workflow

Configure automated requisition routing by way of user, cost center, value, and more through approval chains. The requisition status is visible throughout the workflow process.


Our system supports a single buyer or multi-tiered buying groups. Configure your preferred suppliers by commodity, brand, and more, to enable your strategic sourcing decisions.

Advanced Analytics

Real time data to understand your inventory and service performance: inventory turns, day supply on hand, supplier on-time delivery, ship complete, stock out, and more.

Why SmartSUPPLY?

Lower Your Costs

Wanting to reduce your MRO or Indirect Materials costs?

Did you know that inventory and the related procurement and replenishment processes provide the largest opportunity for removing costs relating to MRO materials? By implementing our vendor managed inventory software, you can lower your costs, simplify your processes, and leverage relationships with your suppliers.

Get Organized & Take Control

Having problems finding materials or don’t have the parts you need when you need them?

Efficient and standardized processes throughout our application help get you organized. Location management tools help get the most complex storerooms and point-of-use locations organized, providing enterprise-wide visibility so you can find parts needed faster and easier. Knowing what it is, where it is and how many and often you use it is just a click away. Robust reports provide the information required to optimize your inventory. Maintenance is happy the part is there when they need it and the controller is happy you don’t stock more than needed.

Define & Control your MRO business processes by automating requisition approvals and purchase order routing configured to meet your specific business requirements. Easily find or track RFQ’s, Requisitions and Purchase Orders anywhere in the workflow chain.

The SmartSUPPLY Integrated Supply Difference

Have you had a bad experience with the traditional Integrated Supply model?

You’re not alone. In the often-called true integrator model, the Integrator or third-party sourcing agent positions itself between the MRO suppliers and the stakeholders that use the indirect materials. In most cases, the maintenance personnel, electricians, millwrights, and pipefitters are isolated from the technical expertise of the suppliers they rely on for training and proper installation of the products they use to keep the plant running efficiently.

Lower Your Costs

The MRO Integrated Supply Model that lowers cost and improves productivity

Our approach provides the greatest opportunity for cost reductions. Robust location and inventory management tools allow for easy organization of the most complex stocking conditions. Simplified automated requisition and replenishment processes with user-defined approval and PO routing keep you in the driver’s seat. You choose the suppliers you want, or we can help you with your supply base rationalization initiative. You can begin with a single supplier VMI program and then strategically add suppliers that support your maintenance team and purchasing team initiatives. Before you know it, you will have the most efficient integrated supply program up and running. We integrate our technology and standardized business processes with the suppliers that provide the parts and technical expertise your maintenance team needs.

Get Started for Free

Let SmartSUPPLY vendor managed inventory help you leverage technology and your supply base to lower costs.

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What is Integrated Service Management (ISM)?

Integrated Service Management (ISM) is comprised of outsourcing activities that are peripheral to the client’s core business and daily operations. The goal of an ISM is to provide clients a lean, fully transparent, materials management process integrated with their supply base centered on the clients cost reduction initiatives.

The predominant role of an ISM is to remain SUPPLIER, BRAND AND EQUIPMENT NEUTRAL. By removing conflicts from the supply chain and properly evaluating core partners (i.e., product, service, and equipment providers), an ISM is better equipped to achieve the objectives established by the client.

What services can SmartSUPPLY provide?

Our services offering is comprised of on-site management and task orientated staffing or off-site consultative regarding any processes associated with materials management, including: 5S and storeroom organization, inventory management of storerooms, FSL’s and point-of -use locations, procurement services, supplier evaluation and rationalization, providing detailed reporting and analytics or tracking process improvement and standardization programs .

Though a collaborative process with each client, we provide a Statement of Work proposal that outlines a cost-effective path towards lower cost.

What are the components of a SmartSUPPLY client engagement?

Components of a SmartSUPPLY vendor managed inventory engagement included in the Statement of Work (SOW) may include:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Process Gap Analysis (PGA)
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Data License Agreement (DLA)
  • FTE Analysis / On-site Staffing Model
  • Consulting Agreement
  • Cost Improvement (CI) Requirements
  • MBE/Diversity Requirements
  • Inventory Reduction Requirements
  • Fee schedule for management services and technology

What industries and size of business utilize our services?

Changes in business models, needs and process require a flexible technology solution. The SmartSUPPLY system design is flexible, meeting the business needs of a single location company to those of a global enterprise with multiple divisions in multiple countries. SmartSUPPLY is a solution-based materials management system. Simple configuration allows for rapid adaptation to new business practices, new equipment, or new product lines without high cost or risk.

Aircraft · Automotive · Chemical · Construction Materials · Steel · Consumer Products · Defense · Electronics · Food/Beverage · Mining · Petroleum/Oil Refining · Packaging · Pulp and Paper · Tool/Die/Mold · Utilities/Energy

What factors should be considered when evaluating an Integrator?

Evidence of skills, experience, and commitment to improving the supply chain process.

  • Best in class software and process automation tools
  • Impartiality regarding suppliers, brands, and equipment
  • Financial strength
  • Client-centric philosophy