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Tsubaki Zip Chain Actuators

Zip Chains are two strands of chains that interlock in a zipper-like fashion to form a single, strong column that enables push/pull operation over long strokes. The unzipped chain can be compactly housed for far more space savings than with conventional pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. Zip Chains have many features, including high speed/high frequency operation, multipoint stopping functions, high stopping precision, installation direction freedom, and eco-friendliness. They can be used in everything from small actuators to large lifters.


Tsubaki Zip Chain Actuator_w1.jpg
Tsubaki Zip Chain Actuator_w2.jpg

ZCA035 has been improved and rereleased as the ZCA135 - Now more user-friendly than ever.

  • Improved functions for the drive section
  • The input shaft for both the basic model and input shafts on the opposite side have the same diameter
  • Bellows can be attached later
  • Additional installation taps on the drive secion side means more freedom in installing or expanding the base unit
  • Comes with a motor - various motors available to match user thrust and speed needs
  • More options